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How Much Will I Save On Utilities with Thermal Solar

Duke Energy states that with a solar hot water heater, your home could save up to 85% on your water heating costs – this could translate into up to 30% savings on your total monthly electric costs!

What Comes with a Collis Thermal Solar System?

With every system you will get a Digital Controller, Collectors and a Water Tank based on the size system you need. The most common Tanks are 80 gallon and 120 gallon, and the most commen Collectors are either 4x8 or 4x10.

Thermal Solar Hot Water in Florida

Florida Thermal Solar Hot Water System Installation
Florida Thermal Solar Hot Water System Installation
Collis Roofing offers Thermal Solar Hot Water System Installation in Florida including collectors, an 80 gallon water tank and solar panels for any home or business.

How Much Does Thermal Solar Cost

A solar hot water heater starts as low as $5,599 and includes an 80 gallon tank, digital controller and a collector. This is a great option for up to a family of 4.

Families of 5 or more start at only $800 more!

Thermal Solar Rebates

Thermal solar water heating systems qualify for a 30% Federal Tax Credit with no cap.  Rebates are available for these solar hot water systems from many utility companies in Florida as well up to $1000! Find out more about Rebates for Thermal Solar Hot Water Heaters in Florida.

How Much Room Do I Need for Thermal Solar

The most common tanks are 80 and 120 gallons. An 80 gallon tank requires 26 inches and the 120 gallon tank requires 29 inches. Thermal solar hot water heaters typically require 40 square feet for up to a family of 4, and a family of 5 or more typically require 64 square feet.