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Sun Tunnels Improve Every Room!

Florida Skylights and Sun Tunnels

Have you dreamed of filling your home with the more natural light that skylights or sun tunnels provide? Collis Roofing shines a light through our competition with our superior installations and craftsmanship in residential skylights and sun tunnels. Our innovative product selection and trouble-free installations can save you money and provide an incredibly beautiful ambiance for your home.

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Skylight and Sun Tunnel Installation

You will be amazed how the energy of your home opens up for your family and guests by adding a skylight or sun tunnel. Choose a name you can trust for residential skylights & sun tunnel installations. Our roofing specialists are highly-skilled and ready to bath your home in light! We carry only the best in sun tunnel and skylight products such as Kennedy, Spyder, Velux, and Sun-Tek.

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Sun Tunnel Before and After