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Drywall Repair

We do single patches or many, as well as matching the surrounding textures. Whether you have water damaged ceilings or just want to update the look of your home by getting rid of those popcorn ceilings, Collis Roofing can help you achieve your goals.

Having your home repaired does not have to be costly when you have made the right choice in choosing the contractor for the job. Collis Roofing, one of the most well known contractors in Central Florida, offers various kinds of home improvement repairs that are practical yet very efficient. We get to the root of your household problems and get rid of them for you. This includes both stopping water from entering your home and fixing the damage that it caused.

If your ceilings look anything like these pictures, give us a call. Collis Roofing can find and fix the root of the problem and help you repair damage that it caused. We even have insurance specialists on staff that can help you with your insurance claim if necessary.