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How to Experience the Design Center

Florida  Roofing Products Design CenterIf you're ready to make some home improvements to your home, but want to know how to really experience what the products are like beyond a screen or a tiny square sample, visit  a Collis Roofing Home Improvement Design Center in Florida today!

There are three ways to experience your local Collis Roofing Design Center in Florida.

The first way to experience is the design center is to call 877-COLLIS1 or Contact Us to make an appointment with a Home Improvement Specialist or Estimator.

The second way is if you are already working with a Home Improvement Estimating Specialist, is to ask him if he will meet you there and walk through the products that you are already considering for your home.

The third way to experience the design center is to just walk in! Our friendly staff will be happy to give you a tour any time and answer any questions you may have at that time.

To find the Collis Roofing Design Center closest to you, visit our Contact Us page for a map, directions and a phone number.

What's in the Collis Roofing Design Centers?

In each design center you will find siding options that vary in color and style from a rustic log cabin to traditional vinyl siding to one that imitates the looks of wooden shingles. If you’re curious about how a sun tunnel or solar tube can brighten your room no matter what direction your roof is angled, you can peer inside one and see the custom layout. You’ll also find a variety of skylights as well as other windows and doors options. The one of the two most common reasons people come to see the design center is to experience the many varieties and styles of roofing products that imitate other ones, such as metal that is designed to look like shingle with stone overlay. The other most common reason people come is to experience what our American made solar products will look like on roof and in your home as they are displayed on different roof types.

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